This is what a cult of personality looks like

When Eric Cantor outright refuses to accept that his idol, Ronald Reagan, did in fact raise taxes.

[Interviewer Leslie] Stahl then mentioned to Cantor how his “idol” Reagan compromised his principles by raising taxes during his presidency. Cantor tried to deflect the focus by mentioning that Reagan cut taxes, but Stahl reiterated her point.

Upset at the reporter, Cantor’s press secretary yelled off camera, “That’s not true, and I don’t want to let that stand.”

No matter if Cantor, his staff or conservatives at-large want to deny that Reagan raised taxes, what Stahl said is completely true.

After his huge tax cut in 1981 slashed all tax rates to 23 percent, sparking a budget crisis, Reagan realized he’d also have to raise taxes in the years that followed. He raised taxes four times between 1982 to 1984, increasing the payroll tax, broadening the base of Social Security payees, applying the income tax to higher earners and rolling back corporate and individual tax breaks.

See, the legend of Ronald Reagan has become mythical by now. He’s become the paragon of tax cuts, of deregulation, of fiscal conservatism and of Republican strength. Unfortunately, what he actually did clashes with that image, so his acolytes simply deflect and invent a new history for him. He never raised taxes now, and his policies were all flawless economy boosters.

There’s nothing wrong with picking a politician in history as your role model, we all have ’em. What becomes a problem is when they become idolized and fictionalized to the point that the followers can’t accept history. But there you go. And that’s a far cry from what people are claiming liberals do vis a vis Obama.


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