Gay? Don't vote Gingrich

And that’s from the man himself.

I can understand saying that there are differences in opinion relating to the gay issue, but if you’re just gonna say you don’t want gays (or people who care about gay rights) voting for you, that’s a step beyond.

You might be able to say that it was a brusque response to a guy who was implicitly asking about gay marriage, but that’s even a stretch.

If you have a strong stomach, check out FOX Nation readers’ response to this. Charitable as you can be toward Newt himself, they’ll show you how the rank and file conservatives feel about it.


3 responses to “Gay? Don't vote Gingrich

  1. Yes, conservatives certainly are “rank”…also rancid.

  2. Hanlon my man: a few bucks coming your way. Keep up the good fight and keep Galt on the defensive. Have a great solstice/holiday season!

    • @frito baggins I don’t have nearly the words to thank you for that. Rest assured that money is going to help keep the Razor online another year!

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