Looks like Jeb Bush might consider a run

This is one of those cases where satire doesn’t even know what to do anymore.


4 responses to “Looks like Jeb Bush might consider a run

  1. Not really sure why anybody could be for Barack Obama and against a Bush, unless it’s because Obama:

    Fired Ben Bernanke.

    Finally fixed the Bush economy.

    Ended the Afghan and Gulf wars and didn’t drag us into any new ones.

    Repealed Medicare Drug Prescription Benefit.

    Allowed the Bush tax cuts to lapse.

    Restored the “Clinton surplus.”

    Closed GTMO.

    Repealed the Patriot Act.

    Routed out corrupt lobbying.

    • Is that… is that tacit support of Obama? Markin’ that one on the calendar!

      Just jerkin’ ya around, man. It IS true, though, that at least we’ve swerved away from the cliffside under Obama. Not a shangri-la by any stretch, but hey. Baby steps.

  2. I would think two Bushes would have been enough for the US. Apparently the family isn’t done with screwing things up yet and want Jebby to take a stab at it.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with that. Jeb Bush has the right to run.

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