Newt would "ignore" any SCOTUS rulings he doesn't like

This man wants to be president.

The former House Speaker used the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Bush administration exceeding its constitutional authority in handling suspected terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay in 2008 as a basis for his extreme view.

“They just ignored it,” he said. “A commander-in-chief could simply issue instructions to ignore it, and say it’s null and void and I do not accept it because it infringes on my duties as commander-in-chief to protect the country.”

I used to consider Newt a very bright and sharp politician, if an asshole on a personal level. Now I don’t even know I’m willing to give him that much credit.

Protip for politicians: just because someone else did it doesn’t mean it’s right, legal, or or a good idea.


4 responses to “Newt would "ignore" any SCOTUS rulings he doesn't like

  1. That’s because you frame it in the limited context of what you know, rather than what was intended. From a separation of powers standpoint, the USSC does not “outrank” the other branches of government. And while I know that’s a problem for the liberal agenda, it’s not a problem for a constitutional agenda.

    • Problem for the conservative agenda: the POTUS doesn’t outrank everyone else. Can’t just ignore things you don’t like, that’s executive overreach and it’s a problem we’ve been battling for nigh on a decade now.

      I realize you just want to argue against everything I say now rather than forming a coherent argument, but I heavily doubt you’re genuinely supporting how Dubya, Obama, and now Newtie are all waving the flag of Presidential Supremacy.

      • “the POTUS doesn’t outrank everyone else.”

        Sure he does, when it comes to functions of the Executive. And that’s a lot of power. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has no recourse for dealing with a defiant president. Only Congress can impeach.

  2. If Newt restores monarchy & Divine Right of Kings, won’t QEII be our rightful head of state?

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