Does Iowa count if Ron Paul wins?

Not according to Chris Wallace.

“The Ron Paul people are not going to like my saying this,” Wallace began. “But to a certain degree, it will discredit the Iowa caucuses because, rightly or wrongly, I think most of the Republican establishment thinks he’s not going to end up as the nominee.”

“So therefore, Iowa won’t count,” he added. “It would certainly be a knock to Gingrich because, you know, right now he was the frontrunner — or a week ago he was the big frontrunner in this state so it would be missed opportunity for him.”

Once again, this is a clear case of agenda-pushing, but… he has a bit of a point.

Ron Paul will not end up the nominee. He just won’t. He may have a decent amount of early support, but his record when it comes to foreign policy and his attitudes toward terrorism are simply not what the Republican Party of 2012 will go for. A fair amount of Ron Paul support, it must be said, comes from disgruntled liberals who see him as a principled anti-1984 guy with strong economic ideas. His is a “revolution” largely fueled by internet frenzy, and when it comes down to the primary races, there’s going to be a lot less landing in his corner than an Iowa caucus might hint at.

RP has always been, and will remain, an aberration in the party much like a Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side. Still, Wallace’s comments are more bent towards the fact that they just plain don’t like Paul and want to discredit his chances at every opportunity.


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