Two FOX graphs and a challenge

I try really hard not to harp on every single little flub people make. For example, I’m giving Romney a complete pass on his “Keep America, America” slogan despite some blogs’ desire to link that to the KKK (Google it, I’m not linking). However, when there’s an undeniable pattern, it grates on me.

Exhibit A, FOX’s chart about the unemployment rate:

Notice how the 8.8% is lower than the 8.6% at the end, which is inexplicably on line with the 9.0? If this were an actual generated chart (meaning, not one simply drawn by hand) then this mistake could not happen. Open up Excel or Powerpoint, it’s impossible to make an error like this unless you’re plotting each point by hand, and attempting to make it look like the unemployment rate is higher than it was earlier this year.

Exhibit B, the GOP Candidates:

Not once during the 2008 campaign did I say anything about when they called Obama “Osama”, because that’s a valid mistake; the names are similar and the latter was far more widely used until then. However, why in the hell would anyone, anyone, “accidentally” put up a picture of Barry-O instead of Mittens? We know they don’t like Mitt and they love Newt, so it’s a damn convenient error.

The point I’m making is that every mistake is either just dumb (screwing up where the states are) or they follow a clear political agenda (remember when they kept labeling disgraced Republicans as Democrats?). There are plenty of valid bumbles, but a whole lot seem to be subtle commentary.

Thus, my challenge: have we ever found FOX flubs that run counter to their right-wing message? Have we had popular Republicans labeled as Democrats? Charts that make it seem like Obama is doing better than he actually is? Anything of that sort? I mean this, I’m willing to learn, and I’d be happy to post an addendum if so.


One response to “Two FOX graphs and a challenge

  1. I’m guessing the program that does the graph is part of Chyron, and may not have anything to do with Excel or Powerpoint. Furthermore, these things are used for a couple of hours and then thrown away. By tomorrow the producers will be working on different charts. The volume is high, so the errors probably are too. Plus, if they’re like everyone else, they probably re-use the charts with each update. Manually updating means it’s easy to miss things.

    I wouldn’t have noticed either of these errors while watching Fox, and I don’t think they would have had any subliminal effect either. The other day I saw something similar on the weather, where two days with the same temperature were plotted at different heights on a graph. Pretty sure I never considered that it was a conspiracy for the weatherman to influence my opinion of the weather — frankly, it never crossed my mind. We have a TV station here that makes those mistakes all the time — my wife and I refer to it as “the News from Hell.”

    Don’t forget that there’s an entire left-wing lobby watching Fox. Maybe instead of polling your readers to seee if the errors ever go the other way you could ask your sources instead. I suspect it happens just as often in the other direction.

    Truth is, it hadn’t even occurred to me that Fox would have a problem with Mitt. I think he has a much bigger problem with *them*.

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