Dear right-wingers: if you want to spread stupidity…

…at least think it through a little. Two days ago, some birthers decided to fly a big ass banner over the Cowboys stadium asking where Obama’s BC is. Problem (click for full size):

Let me help you out:

  1. It’s a night game. No one’s in there.
  2. The dome is closed, so even if anyone was in there, they couldn’t see shit.
  3. There’s no one outside, either.

But really, good job, Birthers. Well done.


3 responses to “Dear right-wingers: if you want to spread stupidity…

  1. Not that I agree with the content of the banner, but,

    “The banner was originally set to fly above the same stadium during the Cowboys’ annual Thanksgiving Day game, but had to be postponed due to inclement weather.”

    I’m guessing the contract was non-refundable. So it sounds like the birthers’ intent is just a little better than the banner-towing company’s follow-through.

    I wonder where liberal bloggers fall, using the same scale…

  2. Oh my… seriously?

    WTF is with the obsession over his birth certificate? Just get over it already!

    Obsess over the birth certificate, obsess over religion, obsess over sex; there are a lot of Americans who really need to re-prioritize their lives, or just get one.

  3. Great shot.. How did you captured it? haha.. I really laugh with the picture.. The effort of the banner is useless..

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