Romney's $10,000 bet: his new albatross

You gotta be careful in debates, because otherwise you’ll end up with something that will be defining your campaign from then on.

Before the debate ended, the DNC was out with an e-mail to reporters trying to put the $10,000 number into perspective, noting it was more than the average in-state tuition at a public university, for example.

But it was Twitter where things really took off. DNC officials, starting with press secretary Melanie Roussell, began tweeting a #What10kbuys hashtag to amplify their message, with items like a year of daycare for the average family. Within less than a half hour of the debate’s end, it was one of the top trending topics not just in Iowa, or in the United States, but around the world, according to Twitter.

Doesn’t change my opinion of debates, but it’s becoming really bizarre to watch the Republicans just trip over their own feet. There isn’t a single strong candidate. Come to think of it, the Republicans haven’t fielded a good presidential nominee in decades.


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