What happens when you're batshit crazy?

You accuse the Muppet movie of indoctrinating children into Communism.

Now, unless I’m mistaken, the movie involves the Muppets holding a fundraiser, which is the very essence of capitalism: private entity raising money to achieve goal. But when your whole worldview is skewed to the point that you’re seeing the motherfucking Muppets as a political tool, rationality may not be your strong suit.


2 responses to “What happens when you're batshit crazy?

  1. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Bolling is one of the 17 people who went to see Atlas Shrugged and thought it was a masterpiece.

    He’s part of FOX. I think that pretty well sums him up. Being rational doesn’t even enter into the equation.

  2. Yo! Hanlon!

    OT but pertinent to the site: when you make a new post I can’t leave a comment. When I click on “Leave a comment,” I’m taken to a new page with the post, like I should be, but there is absolutely no comment box or option to leave one. Usually later in the day or the next day, if I click on it, it works. I was just curious if there were some settings you could change or if anyone else was even having problems.

    What prompted all this was your next post on Ron Paul and how he basically tells Blondie Airhead that she and FOX are trying to pass off irrelevant gossip as news. I actually liked Ron Paul for almost three minutes!

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