Unemployment drops to 8.6%

That’s the lowest it’s been since March 2009. A little bit more of a drop and Obama can officially say that, since he became president, unemployment has gone down.

Once again, for all the bitching I’ve done about the guy, in the end it does seem like Obama has done damn well for himself.


10 responses to “Unemployment drops to 8.6%

  1. @John Galt Considering we’ve been losing jobs since early 2007, even treading water is a step in the right direction. All that link says is that the unemployment drop isn’t AS good as some are saying.

    You’re really reaching, pal.

    • So when more than half the “drop” is due not to job creation but to workforce shrinkage (e.g. discouraged workers running out unemployment and giving up, etc), and then you describe that as “Obama doing damn well for himself,” that’s *not* “reaching”??? Really???

    • @John it’s still improvement. What bothers me here is that you seem to want things to be bad, focusing on only the bad half as though it negates the end result. Things are getting better, that’s what matters.

      • But it’s *not* an improvement, and that’s the point. There are now 140,000 more working age adults than last month, and only 120,000 of them got jobs. In fact, we have 20,000 more people out of work.

        The only reason the number is better is because some 300,000+ workers who gave up looking for work last month no longer count as “unemployed.” That’s not an improvement — it’s worse. Things *aren’t* really getting better, and you’re just perpetuating a lie that they are.

  2. Cue Galt for the opposition here.

  3. Fox News? Really?

    John Lott? Really?

    Fair and balanced there, you betcha and also.

  4. Fox News? Really?

    John Lott? Really?

    Fair and balanced there, you betcha and also.

  5. So you should have no problem tearing it apart with your superior argument, right?

    — Oh, except that you haven’t provided one, have you?

    I won’t hold my breath. It’s obviously beneath you to refute Lott’s flawed conservative reasoning…

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