By my estimate…

  1. Newt Gingrich: the Republicans love character assassination, and that’s one thing that will backfire tremendously if they have Newt leading the charge. One quick mention about his adultery during the Clinton scandals and he’ll be a toxic asset.
  2. Mitt Romney: Massachusetts. Basically all Obama would have to do here is highlight how he used to be pretty liberal (for a Republican) and that he’s sold his integrity to court the Tea Party.
  3. Cain/Perry: I put these two together because they’ve fallen so hard it’s almost sad. Watching them flail around, struggling for relevancy after debate disasters and sexual harassment allegations respectively has left them out in the cold.
  4. Michelle Bachmann: Still a darling of the Tea Party, but so crazy no one will ever vote for her.
  5. Ron Paul: As he gets older, he gets crazier, and as much as his anti-imperialism and personal freedom policies do ring true, that they’re tainted with a brand of libertarianism that borders on bugfuck crazy means a simple peek into his civil rights records will wreck any potential support he’d get from the left/middle.
  6. Dark horses? Not gonna happen at this point.

The Republicans are in a worse place than Democrats were leading into 2004. John Kerry wasn’t the most likable, but he had a good record and would have made a good president had he not gotten Swiftboated into oblivion. The current GOP crop is just fucking pathetic.


11 responses to “By my estimate…

  1. You do realize, don’t you, that the bar here is not particularly high? The GOP nominee doesn’t exactly have to be able to beat Bill Clinton. He only has to be able to beat Barack Obama.

    • Bar’s a lot higher than you seem to think, especially when people are asked about specific things vis a vis Barack Obama’s ideas versus his opponents. Once actual policies start going head to head, combined with Obama’s unbeatable debating skills, and it’s pretty much game over.

      Although I do find it amusing that in the Obama era, suddenly every right winger is acting as though Clinton was this paragon of Democratic strength and intelligence.

      • @Hanlon
        I also find it amusing that the one person who could actually give Obama a run for his money, Huntsman, is dead in the water as far as the Republicans are concerned. I wouldn’t vote for him, but a lot of conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans sure would. Mwahahahahahaha! Love it.

      • @Hanlon
        And in fact, you might enjoy this if you missed it:

      • “combined with Obama’s unbeatable debating skills”

        ROFLMAO!!! You think Teleprompter One has “unbeatable debating skills”?

        He didn’t seem like much of a debater when Joe the Plumber had him up against the ropes. Newt Gingrich would eviscerate him.

      • When the word “teleprompter” appears in the context of Obama, the words “Soros”, “William Ayers”, “Reverend Wright” and “Saul Alinsky” cannot be too far behind. Oh, and, “57 states”. Talking point only, no substance.

      • Wrong. When you’re discussing Obama’s debating skills, his continuous reliance on teleprompters is completely relevant.

      • frito baggins


      • frito baggins

        He held his own, or better, in the Dem debates of 3+ years ago. He easily bettered McCain. He “eviscerated” (your term) the Repub congressional leadership when he met with them (without a teleprompter), and he’ll stand up to Gingrich (or certainly Romney) with no trouble. I only hope he’ll call out Gingrich for the exaggerations and lies. Besides, everyone uses a teleprompter. You could see it reflected in Snow Snookie’s glasses in one appearance. Had there been no teleprompter, George the III would have been unable to string together a coherent sentence. Michelle B was so focussed on the TP teleprompter that she looked even more glassy-eyed and psychotic than usual. Obama does fine without one.

        That said, most of your posts here have an oppositional tone, so I do not expect you to agree with any of the above. So be it.

  2. When I was a kid my folks would take us to Fort Worth to see the Ringling Bros.-Barnum and Bailey Circus. About 2/3 of the way through the show this funky clown car would pull into the center ring, and clowns, one after another even though one thought the car could hold no more, would keep coming out the door. Not different from the Repub effort to find someone, anyone, who can mount a legitimate challenge.

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