I don't blame TIME for this…

…I blame an American people that obviously can’t handle what they really want to feature. Click for full size.


3 responses to “I don't blame TIME for this…

  1. I blame Time wholeheartedly. I think they don’t want to be seen as encouraging the dissent that’s brewing in this country, so they won’t show what a real revolution looks like.

    It ties in with all the skewed bullshit “news facts” we get in this country. I linked to this post on one I put on my blog about the Discovery Channel refusing to air the final episode of David Attenborough’s new seven-part documentary on climate change. It seems that if anything makes the rightwingers nervous or offends their world view we aren’t going to have access to it anymore. Expletive deleted the whole bunch of them.

  2. Years ago I was told by someone from the UK that Americans are out of touch with reality. Virtually everything I’ve seen and heard since then confirms this. The TIME cover for Americans is like the Children’s Menu at a restaurant — it infantilizes, not only by offering only pap but by catering to an obsession with ourselves and our feelings that’s appropriate and natural — for anyone under six years old. When adults accept this, it suggests they are either severely retarded or so out of touch with reality they might be considered insane.


      I’ve heard similar opinions about American provincialism, and recently, by friends and colleagues living in AZ who hail from “farflung” places like Turkey, Dubai, Pakistan, India, South Africa, and China. Of course, they would say such, given that they, like most foreigners, hate us for our freedoms :-))

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