"We are not hiring until Obama is gone"

The part that really pisses me off is that this guy thinks he has a fucking clue how the economy works from a federal perspective.

“”The way the economy’s running, and the way my business has been hampered by the economy, and the policies of the people in power, I felt that it was necessary to voice my opinion, and predict that I wouldn’t be able to do any hiring,” he said. “

Just out of curiosity… what policies is he referring to? I’d be dollars to fucking donuts that this yahoo can’t name a single “policy” passed by the Democrats that’s “hampered” his business. Oh I’m sure he can parrot a talking point he heard on FOX about how ObamaCare is bankrupting businesses, but nothing that’s actually made a difference on his end.

Hey, fuckbasket: if you can’t afford to hire more people, that just means your business ain’t making enough money. Capitalism, buddy.


10 responses to “"We are not hiring until Obama is gone"

  1. Croney Capitalism at its finest.

    If it goes into effect I would suggest buying stock in Peabody and Arch Coal. Also if your in Pennsylvania get ready for people to die from rolling blackouts.

  2. I have something of a relationship with a business that analyzes other businesses. The principals of these client businesses submit their own assessments and projections. They consistently cite the anti-business policies of the current federal government as a factor that discourages reinvestment and risk-taking.

    Perhaps the next socialist in the White House should consider that the top 1% have the means to wait out the rest of us when their property is threatened.

    • I was under the impression that John Galt was in the top 1%. At least he came off that way when I read that overblown tome about him 40 years ago. My bad.

    • @John Galt
      Please outline some of the anti-business policies of the current federal government, presumably put in place by the current socialist in the White House, that has your clients too terrified to reinvest or take any risks. By all reasonable analysis, this administration has been at least, if not more, obeisant to business and industry than any in recent memory. What outrage is it that they feel has been aimed in their direction? The fact that their taxes haven’t been raised? The fact that the Republicans are doing everything in their power to derail what tiny healthcare reform was passed? The fact that environmental protections are being rolled back? What exactly is it that has your clients panties in such a wad? Care to enlighten us?

      • @Mrs. Bitch@John It’s mostly Obamacare right now, and the fact that hiring now places more of an obligation on employers while the costs of future benefits, taxes and new regulation are all rising with no end in sight.

        Jobs are created where rich people are trying to increase their wealth. Any policy designed to control or cap the wealth of the rich risks jobs.

      • @John Galt @John

        Yes, too bad most of your clients were probably of the same mindset as you, and considered a true public option along the lines of a Medicare buy-in healthcare program too socialistic for the US of A. But, that aside, maybe if Mitt is elected he can do what worked for his own state and implement Romneycare. It’s Obamacare and it works and people like it, but it’s Republican so it must not be socialist.

        Jobs ARE created when rich people are trying to increase their wealth. Unfortunately, since most US citizens are unwilling to live in 3rd-world conditions and work for $12 a day and have absolutely no safety, environmental, or health standards in place, the rich will continue to move their businesses to places where they can take advantage of other people’s desperation. You can understand why some of us hope they fail spectacularly.

      • @Mrs. Bitch@John If US citizens are “unwilling to live in 3rd-world conditions,” then I suggest they get themselves better educated than 3rd-world workers.

        When you graduate an entire workforce that can’t read or do arithmetic, you *are* the third world. If you want a better life than that, you get it by being a more productive worker — not by virtue of some imaginary American birthright.

      • @John Galt @John

        How very elitist of you, John.

        Also, being a more productive worker is dependent on those rich industrialists you admire so much not being such pussies about hiring some help. Can’t work if you can’t find a job, right?

        You’re already slipping into rightwing talking points now so I think it’s time to treat this conversation for what it is — trolling. It’s been real.

      • @Mrs. Bitch@John “being a more productive worker is dependent on those rich industrialists you admire so much not being such pussies about hiring some help”

        If you disagree with their evaluation of the risk, why not start your own company with your own money and put those “pussies” out of business? Show us all how it’s done.

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