Boy, conservatives REALLY want to draw the Nazi/OWS parallels

Now they’re bitching that they’re “using a symbol”. And that’s the whole argument. It’s a symbol and they’re wearing it. JUST LIKE THE NAZIS.

As a commenter notes, the symbol may have derived originally from the Twitter “hashtag,” but that in no way diminishes its creepiness. It may “just” be a rotated hashtag, but that doesn’t lessen its significance as a power symbol. The swastika, after all, was “just” a Buddhist good luck marking before the Nazis adopted it and started using it to indicate something else. And how did the Nazis alter it for their purposes? They rotated the Buddhist swastika 45 degrees, to give it a new association. Just as the hashtag sleeve marking has been rotated here.


2 responses to “Boy, conservatives REALLY want to draw the Nazi/OWS parallels

  1. As usual, the righties are getting right into the heart of the matter and discussing the issues at hand.

    So far all we’ve heard is that OWS participants are all dirty, young, unemployed, lazy hippies. Profound. Something this huge and that’s all they’ve got – one more lie.

    Now we’ve got hashtags as swastikas, and moral indignation that these people are marked as “leaders” of what’s supposed to be a group of totally independent people.

    I’m amazed most of these idiots remember to breathe, and wish they wouldn’t.

    • @Mrs. Bitch I fear that many of them aren’t idiots, and that they know exactly what they’re doing. As I say elsewhere, when your protest is against the very people who own the media outlets, you’ve got one hell of an uphill battle going.

      Although it’s funny that Republicans are slamming Obama for not creating jobs out of one side of their mouths while sneering at the OWS protesters for being unemployed out of the other.

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