Missed this one due to being indisposed, but what the hell. First they cheered executions, then they cheered letting uninsured people die, now they’re booing gay soldiers.

The best part is that you can bet your ass if there was any booing of a soldier at a Democratic debate, it’d be 24/7 coverage on FOX about how anti-American democrats are.


3 responses to “The GOP base is FANTASTIC

  1. More of the same old, same old from the GOP. Let your base say anything, stand there silently without rebuking any of it, and then later on say how appalled you were by such a display and explain that those are not the values the party represents.

    It’s kind of like if a bunch of us went to Democratic rallies and screamed for the death of religious fundamentalists, and burned Bibles and Rick Perry in effigy, and hinted obliquely that Michelllllllllllllle Bachmann needs to be careful because there are a lot of nutcase rapists out there. Imagine that our Democratic leadership just stood there grinning like idiots while we did all that. Then, when FOX and all the “liberal media” went apeshit over it those leaders expressed their dismay and explained that those views don’t represent the party platform. And then imagine that we just kept doing it for three years, and they just kept quiet about it but kept denying that it was what they stood for. Ya think anyone would believe that shit?

    • @Mrs. Bitch Pff. I don’t have to imagine it at all. I remember 2004 when Democrats had to scramble to distance themselves from Michael Moore, despite the fact that his movie was a runaway success and clearly represented widespread agreement with his messages and feelings.

      If a Democrat so much as rolls his eyes near a soldier or doesn’t fall down and weep when presented with a Bible, they’re forced to spend the next few months explaining why they hate God and Country.

  2. IMO it just proves that the GOP is full of it. I mean, it’s okay for a gay soldier to die for their country and all, but only if they don’t let anyone know they’re gay. Soon as they do, they shouldn’t even exist, don’cha know.

    Am I not remembering this clearly, or did Obama actually call a few hecklers to order a time or two over stupid crap? If he did, I’d say that at least it puts him way above the GOP in having a little dignity and compassion.

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