So who's our money on for winning the GOP nomination?

Perry seemed like the favorite, but Romney took him in Michigan (granted, that’s his home state), and Herman Cain took Florida.

My guess is that Florida, being the land of the old people, wasn’t too fond of Perry calling SS a Ponzi Scheme. Paul is obviously a non-starter, Santorum will never be able to surmount the fact that he was ousted from office in 2006, and Bachmann’s got about as much chance of winning the GOP nod as she does winning a chess tournament.

I’ve talked to some Republicans, and the overwhelming opinion seems to be that they’re all hoping some dark horse candidate will pop up near the start of the primaries, because frankly no one’s especially excited about anyone on the plate now. And that’s been my biggest point: Obama’s only in danger against a generic Republican, not in danger of losing an actual election against one.


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