Hanlon's Theatre: Ron Paul's dead campaign manager

Something seems suspicious about this. I’m no RP fan, but this just doesn’t seem right.


3 responses to “Hanlon's Theatre: Ron Paul's dead campaign manager

  1. Have I said yet I hate the US medical system? It’s not the US medical “Care” system, as there’s no care in it. It’s a system, nothing more. And I hate it.

  2. Once again…Ron Paul said NO!!!! when that question was asked. Just because some asshole in the crowed shouted YES doesn’t mean that Ron Paul is defined by that. For fucks sake, what is wrong with people?! I like the Young Turks, but come on…blaming someone for something they are in no way, shape, manner, or form are involved with….shit

  3. @grantstetz

    When the question is ORIGINALLY asked, he hems and haws and doesn’t say outright anything that says NO the man shouldn’t die. Instead he goes on about how it’s his freedom and choice and how it’s not up to the government to cover him.

    Again, he did not immediately say No as anyone who would give a crud – or especially a friggin DOCTOR who is SWORN to protect life (or supposed to anyway) should have done. In the end, I think that is what most people are having issue with.

    The fact the obvious jerks in the audience are saying let him die are just proof that the GOP base don’t really give a crap about anyone save themselves.

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