Pro-life my ass

First they cheered Texas’s record-busting execution rate (despite the innocents)…

Now they cheer letting a man die for not buying health insurance.

These are animals that support these candidates. They aren’t human beings.


4 responses to “Pro-life my ass

  1. “Let him die!”

    As a caring human being I can’t believe I just heard that! Would the person who shouted that out say the same if they had no coverage, or someone else in their family had no coverage and they needed care?

    I can’t believe these people.

    As for Perry – he’s why I’d never go to Texas to begin with. I don’t trust the legal system there. While I do believe in the death penalty – in certain circumstances that include *undeniable proof* that the accused did something wrong – there are too many instances of people being found out years later to have not done the thing they were accused of. And if they’re dead, there’s no releasing them and any money the government could pay out is more hush money for the family not to complain, IMO.

  2. For the record, at the end of Ron Paul’s video when he is asked by Blitzer; “Should society just let him die?” He responds; “No.” Regardless of the buffoonery in the crowd.

  3. @grantstetz You’re right, and I apologize if I implied that RP himself was part of those lunatics. I may disagree with Ron Paul in a lot of ways, but he’s not part of the frothing madness that is the current Republican base.

    You could almost see the pain on his face as he tried to answer over those people.

  4. Interesting that Republicans oppose mandatory insurance coverage, but think death is an appropriate punishment for NOT having insurance.

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