Sarah Palin one-ups all of the "cut taxes" conservatives…

…by suggesting, in all serious, to eliminate income taxes on corporations entirely.

This week, Michelle Bachmann will attempt to gain the upper hand by suggesting we sell the homeless into slave labor overseas to cure that pesky unemployment problem.


5 responses to “Sarah Palin one-ups all of the "cut taxes" conservatives…

  1. That woman is batshit crazy. But that won’t stop other batshit-crazy people from voting for her.

  2. Well when multi-national corporations have you by the balls what else can you do? They operate without borders and if they chose to can leave this country entirely and explore a better deal elsewhere. Preferable a place with cheap labor and low regulations (ie..China, Tawaiin, Mexico) and there is nothing we can do about it without undermining our free trade/open door style economic policies that we have been forcing on people globally for the past 70 years.

    They can do this because; A) people will still buy their crap and B) because we have created a “free trade” system that is too scared to place any kind of trade restrictions or VAT on imported goods in an effort to make American products more attractive to international markets and to try and maintain a strong currency regime. Doing this despite the anything but equal resiprocity from other “open markets” for our shit. (for example; to simulate some of the trade deals we have with South Korea, go put on an American t-shirt, write South Korea on a banana, and then stick it up your butt)

    It will continue like this until something crazy and almost certainly impossible happens. Such as a global minimum wage or the Unionizing of Chinese workers. But if you expect something like that to happen then you my friend are probably drunk.

  3. Haha, because what real Americans want is for multi-billion dollar corporations to pay a little less. What about abolishing individual income taxes? I hate this Republican line that we have to cater to the job-makers and the “productive” class because they keep the economy going. How about instead of wasting our time catering to corporations in the naive hope that they’ll hire more people we remove all of the barriers to entry that keep small businesses from competing with the big guys.

  4. @RedWire If you remove all barriers, what would stop larger companies from burying all small time competition? Anti-trust laws exist to make sure there are barriers, but I think you would agree that catering to small business that can’t compete is non-productive.

  5. @grantstetz I was not talking about all barriers, just barriers to entry i.e. artificial start-up costs. Large corporations generally aren’t affected by these, they have enough capital to blow through them or at least lobby for exemptions. For example, if Joe Shmoe wants to raise chickens and sell eggs on a small plot of land, various restrictions are in place to prevent this under the guise of public health. He needs certain approved structures(which don’t really enhance safety or sanitation) but cost plenty of money. Joe can’t start a business and compete with these artificial and unneccesary costs imposed on him. Which is just fine for the established egg producers, because this barrier to entry insulates them from small start-up competition.

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