Dumbass of the Day: Glenn Beck

There are not enough words for the amount of schadenfreude I’m getting out of this article.

Tonight’s ‘Restoring Courage’ rally in Jerusalem is intended “to show the world the courage of Israelis and the choice between good and evil”. Yet Beck has achieved the astonishing feat of uniting against him the left-leaning group Peace Now, which promotes a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with, at the other extreme, a group of right-wingers who want to annexe the Palestinian territories and offer Palestinians money to emigrate to other countries.

Etai Mizrav of Peace Now, which will protest against the rally, told Haaretz: “This is a person who seems to support Israel, but he is a fanatic. I don’t know how the right wing intends to protest [against Beck], but if they want to join us they are welcome.”

That’s right. The two sides are willing to unite solely to protest against Glenn Beck. When motherfucking Israel can set aside its differences for the specific purpose of telling Glenn Beck to get the hell out of their country, that’s actually an accomplishment. Maybe that was his grand plan to bring them together after all.


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