Some guy FOX has making a 9/11 documentary, speaking of how he tackled the difficult task of interviewing Bush to get the inside story on what he was up to as it all went down.

“He would only take it to so far,” Schnall tells Zap2it. “If I had pushed it too far, he might have shut down a bit more, and my goal was to get him to talk about those four or five days. I was less interested in facts than how he was feeling.”


Those among you more charitable than I might say, “But Hanlon! He just means that he wanted to get inside Bush’s head, because he can get boring old facts anywhere else!” Nice try, but that’s undercut by the fact that Schnall clearly admits to not “pushing” it too far with Bush, meaning he kept it so Dubya didn’t feel uncomfortable. Because, after all, documentaries aren’t about making people uncomfortable, they’re about making sure the story the subject wants to be seen is seen, not “facts”.


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