I can't imagine this happening in the United States

In France a 3% tax hike on the wealthy comes at the behest of the wealthy.

He said the new tax would remain in place until France reduces its budget deficit back under the EU’s intended limit of 3% of GDP, which should occur in 2013.

France plans to trim its public deficit to 5.7 % this year, 4.6 % next year and 3% in 2013.

“This is a rigorous policy that will allow France to remain relaxed,” Mr Fillon said. “Our country must stick to its [deficit] commitments. It’s in the interest of all French people.”

What’s going to be just amazing is when France’s deficit manages to cut down, despite their litany of social programs, whereas the United States with its “if I have money that means I’m better than you” attitude will do just the opposite: the GOP wants to hike taxes on people making less than $100,000 a year.

There’s an inescapable conclusion looming over the horizon, and that is that if you don’t already have vast wealth and power, you aren’t gonna be getting into the club any time soon. This isn’t about rewarding success, it’s about making sure those who are successful don’t have to be burdened with the concern that anyone else will catch up.


5 responses to “I can't imagine this happening in the United States

  1. Ah, but it’s France, and Europe in general; they don’t count to the minds of most people in the US since they’re “backward” or whatever.

    Which is too bad, considering Europe will probably get it’s stuff together quicker than the US. I say the government still reminds me of a bunch of little kids in how they argue over everything.

  2. Yeah, eat your freedom fries and be quiet Hanlon!

    Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. I’m waiting for the Republican presidential hopefuls to sort themselves out so I know who to laugh and point at. Seriously, with the idjits who have tossed their hats into the ring so far I would swear the Republicans really, truly don’t want the White House back yet – not when they can get everything they want anyway with the added bonus of being able to blame Obama for the end result.

  3. It’s a strangely safe situation to be the minority party, actually. You can fight extra hard for things that look good in the papers but would actually be disastrous for the country were they actually enacted, thus letting you both look good to the party base and keep blaming the majority power for things if they turn tits up thanks to your fighting.

  4. @Keth It’s all for show, at the end of the day. I’m slowly becoming cynical to the point of wondering how much Democratic resistance is genuine and how much of it is just for show.

  5. I think you’re probably right. Right now I don’t think either party knows what the heck they’re doing, and they don’t even care anymore.

    As it is, a co-worker and I discuss the US political situation a lot and we agree that the US is no longer a democracy but it’s gone full Capitalist where all that matters is money.

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