What Christian love looks like

If anyone out there can show me an example of atheists doing this against Christians, I would loooooove to see it. After Blair Scott of the American Atheists showed up on FOX, this happened:

Roughly 8,000 of them.

Why do I have such a problem with Christianity in America? It manifests like this.


4 responses to “What Christian love looks like

  1. Looks like Obama was right. They’re clinging to their guns and their religion.

  2. Stupid Sindy Clock – and all the rest of them — God kills everybody.

    Wouldn’t heaven just be a lovely, peaceful place if it was full of hateful fucktards like these?

  3. Not like this is unique to Christians. You can boil down most historical class/ethnic/religious conflicts to “wait…these guys have different ideas than us? KILL EM ALL” Though I think Christianity is unique in its propensity for violence and its teaching of forgiveness at the same time. But why would we expect anything but hypocrisy from religious zealots?

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