The London Riots

I have no words. I don’t even understand what all is happening since I’m a little unable to read as much as I’d like. All I know is they’re wrecking small businesses (which is such a great way to show disdain for the government), saying it’s payback for something or other, and the media is blaming Grand Theft Auto.

Can any British or more worldly Razorites help me out here? Stetz?


One response to “The London Riots

  1. To give a short summary: A young man was shot and killed by police in the North London borough of Tottenham, and the people got angry because the Met (London Police) offered virtually no apology and a very vague reasoning for the incident. So people took to the street that night near the Met station at Tottenham in what began as a peaceful protest. Then, as they do in London, a bunch of hoods showed up shit-faced and started getting rowdy. Mob mentality set in and the police did not have the manpower to stop it. (keep in mind that normal patrol officers for the Met don’t carry guns, as most all guns in country are banned…only certain types of officers can, ie. detectives, drug task force, SWAT, ect…)

    People started realizing that the police couldn’t stop them, so they started looting and starting fires. The next day when the smoke cleared and things were returning to normal, Met officers in the borough of Hackney in East London searched a suspicious looking man for drugs. People came out to see what the commotion was, there was yelling and arguing, then it turned out the guy had nothing on him. He pulled the racial profiling card and Hackney residents pulled a Tottenham and took to the streets. This sparked copycats from other London boroughs as well as Northern Cities like Nottingham and Liverpool.

    The original idea was that this is a mob protest against the tough austerity measures from the Torrie aka Conservative Government (you may recall London student riots last year) coupled with the UK’s making much stricter anti-immigration laws and rise of the very racist BNP (British Nationalist Party) ect….Unfortunately as it turns out, that is proving to be less and less the case, as people are seeing this more as an opportunity to try and take whatever they can get away with via stealing, looting, vandalizing, random acts of violence, ect…

    The examples already out on the web show a little kid getting beat up and robbed by protesters, a story of a man being shot and killed in a car, people being pulled out of cars and beaten, shop owners losing their livelihoods, cars burned, buildings set on fire, people stabbed….yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I think it can be outlined by an interview of two idiot drunk girls talking about how fun it is and how this is the poor showing the rich they are in control, even though they are destroying the poorer neighborhoods shops instead of the affluent ones… …here is the clip of that interview (copy paste into your browser), so you can see how retarded they are and how they have really no understanding of the reasoning for what they are doing or people they are hurting.

    After listening to that, if you don’t feel the need to hit someone in the face…. Anyways, tonight the Government is placing 16,000 officers on the streets and mulling over the idea to use rubber bullets on rioters, something that the UK has been very vocal of in the past about wanting to avoid.

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