If this guy's right, I just plain give up

Potentially, the Dem leadership is bracing to cave on the debt ceiling talks.

If you followed yesterday’s events hour-by-hour and have a little experience at negotiation yourself, you saw the signs as clear as day. When Mitch McConnell said—around 4 Saturday afternoon—that he had been talking with Obama and Joe Biden and the country will not default, he was really saying: We’ve cut the deal. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were at the White House at the time, with Obama. Were the three of them—or the four of them, with Biden—figuring out their next counter-move, as one might expect? Maybe. But it appears more likely that Reid and Pelosi were getting their marching orders and being read the terms of surrender.

Like he says, it’s gonna come down to whether or not Reid can scrounge up the 60. If he can’t, and the GOP gets their way yet again, I gotta say I’m too depressed to even care any more.


2 responses to “If this guy's right, I just plain give up

  1. Don’t get sad, get mad. There are way, way more of us than there are teabaggers, and yet we’re letting them run the country. Yes, we’re allowing them to run the country as if they had the majority of the electorate behind them and had our best interests at heart. This is beyond insane into blithering idiot territory. I hope to hell somebody with a truly progressive agenda primaries Obama as a Democrat or else runs against him as a third-party candidate. I’ve had it with the whole damn bunch of them that are currently firmly ensconced. xoxoxoxo Little Mary Sunshine

  2. Longing for the “sea-green incorruptible.”

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