Glenn Beck compares Norwegian victims to Hitler Youth

Atta boy, Beck. Don’t let those damn kids off the hook like the liberal media.


8 responses to “Glenn Beck compares Norwegian victims to Hitler Youth

  1. To be fair, in the context in which he was speaking, he was right.

  2. @grantstetz There’s no context that doesn’t make such a comparison tasteless. All it does is implicitly condone his actions. Like he did the world a favour.

  3. @Hanlon Well, off the top of your head what other point of reference is there for a youth political camp?

  4. @grantstetz @Hanlon Glenn Beck’s 9/12 summer camp, for one.

  5. @Hanlon Hahaha. Upon hearing this new evidence, I conceed.

  6. Sounds pretty damned rational to me. And yes, there’s something about indoctrinating kids that could bear a little scrutiny.

  7. Oh, and I didn’t hear Beck call the guy a terrorist. Was that in there?

  8. frito baggins

    @Zach Yes, there is “something” about indoctrinating kids. Thus perhaps we should be scrutinizing the Boy Scouts of America, the various summer church camps, the Roman Catholic catechism classes, the YMCA/YWCA, the entire LDS church, the Tea Party summer camp, and all history classes as taught in public schools where the texts were chosen by the Texas Board of Education. Big task, no?

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