Congress goes home rather than voting for FAA authorization

PROTIP: if you want to pretend like you’re actually serving the country, you can’t just go home when something like this is looming overhead.

The disagreement means the FAA has to furlough as many as 4,000 workers tomorrow and stop collecting about $200 million a week in airplane-ticket and other taxes until it is resolved, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said yesterday. Air- traffic controllers, considered essential employees, would remain on the job.

The agency has been without long-term funding legislation since 2007 and has operated on a series of short-term extensions, the most recent of which expires at midnight.

I’m sure those 4,000 people are going to be completely sympathetic that it was late and everyone was tired and didn’t want to keep debating.


One response to “Congress goes home rather than voting for FAA authorization

  1. This is being held up over pork. Corporate welfare. From Democrats. Millions of dollars to subsidize commercial flights out of rural airports. Republicans have identified about a dozen airports in the program that are within 90 miles of another airport with service, or that have a very tiny number of passengers per month, and they want to end subsidies for those particular airports — one of which is in Harry Reid country.

    Your precious 4000 workers are furloughed because the useful idiots on Capitol Hill who are supposedly so willing to work with those instransigent Republicans refuse to cut those subsidies. Works for me. I wanted to shut the whole fucking thing down anyway.

    And as for the flying public, as long as this shutdown continues a variety of worthless FAA taxes aren’t being collected. Flying is cheaper today, because those bureaucrats aren’t sucking up our money. Like most of the federal government, the longer you leave it shut down, the more the public will be glad to be rid of it.

    But here you are, worrying about 4000 mouths dislodged from the federal teat. Cry me a river. Air Traffic Control and safety work continue. Exactly WTF do we really need those deadbeats for, anyway? This is the problem with you libs. And this is just how meaningless all that damned government really is, when you stop to consider how little it really adds compared to everything it takes. Thousands of people living literally off the fat of the system — completely unnoticed in their absence, but at the cost of millions when they’re on the clock. Hell, we’d probably be better off if they just stayed home and we mailed them a check.

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