Hanlon's Amazement!

You guys have been active in the ol’ comments there. I’ve been sitting back and eatin’ popcorn just watching the show. Keep it up!

EDIT: I edited the comment system and put on a different one entirely (Livefyre over Disqus). Let’s see how she flies. I want this to work out for you guys!


5 responses to “Hanlon's Amazement!

  1. You could really use some better technology in the comments. Apparently it has problems with Win7/64, and the indenting model is clearly a limitation.

    • What browser are you using? Admittedly I’m on a third party comment system and believe it or not this works far better than what we used to have. I’ll see what’s up, though.

  2. And I’m not really sure what the point is of moving replies down rather than appending.  I know of no other site that works like this.

  3. Not sure what you mean by “appending” in this case. I’m not a web developer nor do I have one one staff, so everything’s kinda at the mercy of (in this case) Livefyre.

  4. Looks like the uppermost “Recent Chatter” comments weren’t imported with the rest.

    “Appending” means new comments get added below old ones, instead of pushing them down. That’s actually pretty standard on regular blogs.

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