This morning's News Corp update

Well this is getting interesting.

First up, we got Rebekah Brook’s computer “accidentally” getting thrown out… into someone else’s trash can.

And the original News of the World whistleblower has been found dead in his house… which isn’t being called suspicious by the police.

It’s all piling up, and it looks like Murdoch might step down as the CEO of News Corp.

Things is getting big.


8 responses to “This morning's News Corp update

  1. Why is it big?  What’s so big about who runs News Corp?

    • …are you joking? The head of the biggest media conglomerate on the planet is embroiled in a scandal sufficient enough that he may step down as CEO and is currently testifying before Parliament. This is a HUGE story.

      I find it funny that as soon as it’s Murdoch on the chopping block, suddenly everyone on the right is acting like this is “no big deal” and “can’t we just move on”.

      • No, I’m not joking. If Rupert Murdoch stepped down, do you think anything would change?  And if nothing changed, then what’s the big deal?  Are you thinking Fox News is going to turn into MSNBC or even CNN?

      • the government of the UK may change (bookies are taking bets on it now). to provincial minds, of course, that may not be a big deal.

      • the government of the UK may change (bookies are taking bets on it now). to provincial minds, of course, that may not be a big deal.

      • On a side note, if Murdoch is involved in anything underhanded, then I certainly support shareholders’ desires to oust him. 

        Just not seeing why it’s big — really.  I haven’t been following it, or paying attention, or worrying.  It means nothing to me, except that perhaps I’ll be disappointed if Murdoch’s done anything seriously wrong.  But I certainly don’t want him getting off the hook if he’s guilty of anything.  Obviously I don’t think conservatism needs to cheat in order to win.  I don’t need my causes advanced by people who aren’t up to it.

      • Ah. Touche, sir, if you haven’t been really following the story then I can see why you don’t give a damn. The long and short of it is it seems that a LOT of News Corp may be involved in bribery and phone hacking, not just News of the World, and the Murdoch boys are in some seriously hot water.

        It’s fairly big because if it turns out there was any American involvement, that could spider into HUGE effects in our media, given how much Murdoch owns. Not to mention given the police bribery angle it could be very interesting to see how our law enforcement and politics are affected by the media (see: British gov’t actually consulting News Corp before acting on things).

      • I can’t see what difference it would make if the principal of a publicly held conglomerate was replaced by its board and shareholders, unless you think they’d replace Murdoch with someone of a different ideology — which I doubt.

        I also seriously doubt Murdoch condoned, or was even aware of, bribery or hacking.  I’m guessing “bribery” in this case is paying officials for significant phone numbers, perhaps? 

        Finally, from what I’ve heard, “hacking” boils down to logging into voicemail boxes with common passwords like 0000 and 1234 — not exactly a hi-tech caper.  Ordinary journalists dialing into other people’s mailboxes by brute-forcing the passwords?  Why does anyone think the CEO of the parent company is automatically involved?  What would Hanlon’s Razor say about that theory?

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