So I've been reading the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan…

…and for the life of me I can’t figure out exactly how this thing is supposed to work. I read the full text, and although it throws a lot of numbers out there, it doesn’t say how any of this is supposed to happen. Only that spending must not exceed revenue, that it has to be a certain percentage of GDP, etc.

The big cuts they’re touting are the “non-discretionary” spending, except it doesn’t outline anything as to what that means. What’s gonna get cut? It’s like saying you came up with a great budget for your personal life that says you won’t spend more than a quarter of your paycheck on things other than bills. Okay, awesome, that’s a cute goal, but what’s going to get lopped off? Bueller?

The point is that this is just a bumper sticker “plan”. It says that we’re going to limit spending in a few ways with zero explanation of how it’s going to be accomplished. And then when it fails they’ll all squeal and cry that they had a plan but the mean Democrats said no. I genuinely would love to see a plan that explains how to balance the budget with no tax increases that doesn’t involve annihilating social security and medicare or slash spending on education, but so far… nothin’.


4 responses to “So I've been reading the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan…

  1. Any program that helps the little guy and hurts the big guy is probably on the chopping block.

  2. Non-discretionary = entitlements.

    Social Security and Medicare are inherently unsustainable.  They’re actuarially unsound because they were designed around obsolete demographics.  It turns out that people stopped having children at the scheduled rate decades ago.  

    I have no problem addressing this honestly, and as soon as possible to minimize the damage that will occur.  When were you thinking of getting around to it?

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