Michelle Bachmann vows to ban pornography

And says that homosexuality is both a choice and a health risk.

People vote for this woman, and want her to be president.


2 responses to “Michelle Bachmann vows to ban pornography

  1. It’ll be interesting to see if Bachmann actually signs the pledge. No matter her personal beliefs, if she wants to be considered a serious contender in ’12 she MUST know, just from watching Palin blow it on so many issues, that she can’t pander to the tinfoil-hat-wearing contingent of her supporters.

    Also, I think they missed one important issue and need to ban all heterosexual sex
    since that would seem to be where all these pesky LGBTIQ folks come from originally.

  2. I didn’t actually see where the vow says homosexuality is a choice. It says it’s not genetic and that it’s not irresistible.  It’s only partly genetic (since identical twins are not always affected the same), and some people are clearly able to resist it. 

    And I’m not sure “protecting women and children from pornography” means outlawing it.

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