OJ Simpson, round 2

Casey Anthony found not guilty. Amazing.

There’s a lesson in all of this, though. If you’re thinking of having an abortion, have the kid and let it die later. You’ll get off free and clear.


3 responses to “OJ Simpson, round 2

  1. Gulity? Not Guilty? Who cares, life goes on regardless of the outcome.

  2. This case is a perfect example of how to wind people up (someone has called it “Murder as a Spectator Sport”) to distract us from economic policies & practices that cause the death of children every day (35,000 a day, I believe).

    Instead of being “outraged” by the results of a jury trial, we should thank the jurors for fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities. Let’s save our outrage for the GOP & their media friends (notably Rupert Murdoch – read the Guardian UK to find about how his phone hackers screwed up police investigations of at least one child’s murder, and possibly several more). 

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