And the media focuses on Anthony Wiener

When there’s guys like Robert Mecklenborg.

You see, Rep. Mecklenborg was driving through Dearborn County, Indiana in the very early hours of the morning of April 23 in a car with temporary Kentucky plates when an Indiana state trooper pulled him over.  The trooper observed that the car had a burned-out headlight, the reason for stopping this champion of Republican morality. In his report the officer said that he suspected Mecklenborg was intoxicated because he smelled alcohol and the representative had “glossy, bloodshot eyes.”

I said that wasn’t all: Mecklenborg refused a chemical test but he failed three field sobriety tests. He was administered a blood test and charged with drunken driving.  This paragon of morality tested positive for Viagra, and not, apparently for the benefit of his wife. Because he wasn’t alone in the car and his companion was not his wife.

His passenger was a 26-year-old woman, Tiona Roberts, a local stripper who works nearby in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. And then there is the little matter of Viagra in his system. I’m sure it must improve night-vision, or some such. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the young woman sitting with the intoxicated 59-year-old paragon of morality in the wee hours of the morning, far away from his wife and children.

I guess it’s not as funny as a guy named “Wiener” sending dick pics via Twitter.



One response to “And the media focuses on Anthony Wiener

  1. As a Republican, I’m going to come forward immediately and demand this man’s resignation.  Just like the Dems did when Weiner was accused… oh, wait — never mind that last part.

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