Man expects to be Raptured. Isn't. Friends poke fun at him. Man shoots friends.

Or so it seems, depending on which parent we believe. Still.

The mother of the victim told The Register Guard that her son said Dale O’Callaghan took it personally when he was needled about his belief that he would be taken to heaven by the return of Jesus Christ.

Eugene police say O’Callaghan shot Jerry Andrews on Friday morning at LHM Hydraulics, where they worked. Andrews suffered a fractured shoulder.

You know how sometimes people ask for examples of someone whose violent acts cannot be explained away without religion (as in, culturally or something to that effect)? Here ya go.

Again, dad seems to be disputing this, but I find that fishy since it seems to be the only motive as per the story. But, hey, if something else comes along I’ll update this with a mea culpa.


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