Roger Ailes' secret Nixon-era FOX prototype

This is just fucking insane, guys. Basically, what we know of as the FNC now traces back to a blatantly pro-GOP news network plan that Ailes developed with Richard Nixon to fight against the current media.

Not an idealistic station developed by right-wingers, no. Even that would have some dubious integrity in that it pushes an ideology, not the interests of a political entity. But that’s exactly what TVN, and later FOX, was built to do. Promote the GOP.

The pathetic thing is this will amount to nothing. Just a little footnote.


One response to “Roger Ailes' secret Nixon-era FOX prototype

  1. Not so much related to this article, as it is just something I would be curious to hear your opinion on…and Hanlon, you know me so this Q should come as no shock; Why does the right try to bury Ron Paul? (everyone feel free to weigh in)

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