Poll: 61% blame Republicans for the recession

It should be noted that this means he inherited it from Republicans, not that the current crop is to blame. Still, it’s kind of a “no duh” thing.


5 responses to “Poll: 61% blame Republicans for the recession

  1. And given how the gop is acting today, the poll should reflect that the GOP is doing nothing to help fix it

    • Pretty much. The main problem is that they want to use the same damn “solutions” that got us into this mess in the first place. Mostly because the people who bought ’em say to, since they’re actually profiting from this whole mess. I sometimes wonder how many Republicans actually believe the bullshit they’re fighting for.

  2. Luciusfieldon

    It is the fault of the current Republicans because with the exception of a few, the same bunch is in office.

  3. Watched a PBS show about how con men and magicians distract your focus so they can fool you into believing what you think you’re seeing. I think that’s how Republicans were able to pay themselves $2,300,000,000,000+ for wars in ¬†Iraq & Afghanistan, whilst screaming that taxing the rich is bad and that U.S. is being impoverished by, undocumented immigrants, teen mothers, elderly pensioners, layabouts collecting unemployment benefits, and the rest of the greedy, lazy working class.

    • It’s an interesting tactic. Be the first to accuse your opponent of something and that seems to mask everything. Say the Democrats are at fault for their bad economic policies and a lot of people will believe it just by virtue of the accusation.

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