Bachmann mixes up John Wayne and John Wayne GACY

Wow. Just… wow.

The Bachmann campaign sent this explanation: “John Wayne is from Iowa, his parents lived in Waterloo.”

And indeed his parents did in fact live briefly in Waterloo — in fact, according to “Duke: The Life and Image of John Wayne,” it’s where they met. But soon after their marriage they moved to Winterset, where Wayne was born.

No. Shut the fuck up. Just say you got it wrong and move on.

Keep in mind, she’s from Waterloo, so the odds are that she remembered hearing the name “John Wayne” both with and without the Gacy and just got her shit mixed up.

Actually, scratch that. Even better odds are that she has no idea who the fuck John Wayne Gacy is and it’s just pure coincidence that he happened to be Waterloo, meanwhile the Bachmangler straight up guessed that the Duke was from Waterloo because it’s where she’s from and she was making a self-serving point.

However, I sense AMAZING campaign posters in the future.

EDIT: already, the morons are trying to change Wikipedia in order to make her “right”.


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