Rick Perry vetoes texting-while-driving rule…

…because it amounts to government micro-managing of your life.

Calling it an “overreach” that attempted to “micromanage the behavior of adults,” Gov. Rick Perry vetoed legislation Friday that would have banned texting while driving in Texas.

Perry refused to sign House Bill 242 and offered several pieces of advice about regulating texting behind the wheel, particularly by teenagers.

Just outta curiosity, couldn’t that same logic (not criminalizing dangerous behavior because it’s an invasion of privacy) be used to say DUI laws are wrong?

NOTE: I’m guilty of texting while driving on occasion. I just find his reasoning idiotic.


One response to “Rick Perry vetoes texting-while-driving rule…

  1. Maybe this will lead to population decreasing in Texas due to accidents while driving.  NTTAWWT

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