Weiner's resignation and Democratic PTSD

Another one bites the dust.

You know what this really is? Holdovers from the mid-90s when Republicans screeched and howled that Democrats harbored perverts and adulterers, painting the party as a den of harlots and whores. So now when a scandal like this breaks out, the Democrats instantly, instantly, throw the offender out the window without an iota of defense. Over a decade of abuse has left the party so eager to prove the detractors (who will never change their line anyway) wrong that they’ll do anything.

Meanwhile, Republicans could be watching a live video feed of one of their raping a woman and they’d find a way to keep him in office and in the good graces of the party. Then a few years down the road he’d be a consultant on FOX and either get his own show or run for president.


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