More tax thoughts

By now it’s well established that taxes are much lower now than they’ve been in a long time, and that Teabaggers still clamor for cutting taxes and lower spending. Tax increases are 100% verboten, cuts are the only option.

So my question is, do these guys think taxes can simply be cut in perpetuity? Forever? That there is neither a floor nor ever a need to increase taxes?

Conservatives like to tout the virtues of “executive” presidents, guys like Bush with business backgrounds (for the time being, we’ll ignore Bush’s disastrous business history). This is akin to suggesting that a successful business becomes successful by reducing income as much as possible and constantly paring itself down. I’m not suggesting that taxes should always go up and government expand, but proper management would dictate being able to strike a balance. That means bumping taxes at times, and lowering them at others.

Actually, let’s just make every right-winger’s head explode: consider the world as a free market and its countries as businesses; if customers are unwilling to pay for a certain product, then move onto another one. Let America’s taxes be determined by the free market, what the people are willing to pay.


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