Forced vaccinations? YES!!

I honestly don’t think most people understand what the first amendment means, because it seems to show up in the most idiotic of places, such as a woman howling to allow her kid not to have to get vaccinated before going to school due to her other child getting autism after being vaccinated (which also proves that most people don’t understand that correlation is not the same as causation).

Actually, more than that, it’s a first amendment, ninth amendment, and “basic freedom” issue! By god if this child has to get vaccinated before going to school then the terrorists win!!

Most states, explained Finn have a “religious exemption” for immunizations, giving parents who don’t want their children vaccinated an out.

West Virginia and Mississippi, she says, are the only states who don’t have the exemption. And West Virginia is taking a hard line with Workman.

See, here’s where things fall completely apart. Aside from the fact that this has nothing to do with religious freedom, it’s a state issue, and even then only barely. The first amendment protects from Congress from making any laws establishing religion, not from states saying if you want to use a public school you have to get immunized. Keep in mind this isn’t even a case of the government forcing her kid to get immunized period, but rather from saying if she wants that kid in a state-run school she needs immunized. That’s incredibly different. She doesn’t have to get her kid immunized if she doesn’t want to, she just can’t expect her to be allowed to fuck it up for everyone else.

This is where things dive further into “just don’t understand” territory:

“If my child is unvaccinated and all these other children are vaccinated, How does my child pose any threat?” responded Workman. “This is my child and it’s a right I should have.”.

See, the way immunizations work is that in order to be effective they must be absolute. Viri and bacteria are tricky little bastards so if they get a chance to mutate, they will. This means that if some get vaccinated and others don’t, the ones without the vaccination can become infected and the virus is capable of mutating to be resistant to the vaccine. In effect, if everyone doesn’t have the immunization, then no one does. It’s happened before, such as when polio rocked through Haiti after a vaccination boycott, allowing the virus to mutate and kill again.

This woman is demanding that she be allowed to place an entire school of children at risk because she doesn’t understand what the hell she’s talking about. Of course, she doesn’t know she’s placing an entire school at risk, because she doesn’t understand what the hell she’s talking about.

I’d also like to point out that, aside from the general ignorance, this is a pure exploitation of “freedom of religion” in that she’s using that as an excuse to cover up her ignorance-born fears of her kid getting autism again. She had no religious qualms the first time around, but due to the unfortunate (although unrelated) onset of autism in her older child, suddenly she has a “religious objection” to vaccinations.

So fine, don’t get your kid immunized. Just keep her the fuck away from all the other kids.


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