Obama goes for the Israel two-state solution

Well, it’s Monday and it looks like none of us got Raptured, so I guess that means I should get back to work here.

One of the issues that tends to ruffle my feathers more than most is the whole Israel/Palestine debacle. I’m hardly alone in my distaste for the damn near unquestioning support the United States gives Israel, no matter what they do. This is particularly troubling given that over the last near-century, Israel’s borders have crept further into Palestinian territory, which is to say nothing of what they’ve done in, say, Gaza.

A solution that isn’t perfect but might be the best would be to go back to the pre-1967 borders (see the progression here). Palestine would still have a good bit less than half of the land, but it’s a damn sight better than how things are currently.

One person who agrees with me is President Obama, and his saying so has created a whirlwind of nontroversy that’s goddamn hilarious. I’m not even going to bother putting up any quotes, you guys can all take a look for yourselves. The take-home is that, once again, Obama takes a pretty stock standard position that’s been our basic negotiation policy for over a decade through two other presidents, and the right starts pissing their pants and causing havoc. The ’67 borders are pretty much the metric for where to start dividing the land.

Kudos to Obama for not being a jelly-leg like all the neocons, but I’ve been thinking about how all of this keeps happening with Obama saying benign things that blow up into havoc. Opposition breeds activism, and that means (much like my arrival during the Bush era) a number of the most active Teabaggers and conservatives these days likely didn’t follow politics too closely prior to Obama’s arrival. So, armed with ignorance, it’s easy to whip them up into a frenzy by latching onto anything and everything Obama says and pointedly ignoring all historical context. Does anyone honestly believe the Mitt Romneys of the world don’t remember what previous administrations did? Of course not, but they know that their base doesn’t, so up goes the rage meter.

Long story short, good on Obama, boo on conservatives. Hardly even need to read the article to know what’s coming.


One response to “Obama goes for the Israel two-state solution

  1. What gets me is people instantly think that because of this position, Obama is proving himself more a “closet muslim” and that he’s “throwing away support for Israel”.

    IMO, it’s about time someone stood up to Israel and said enough; and as the article says, what’s so different now about his position that hasn’t been said the past 12 years?

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