Big wedding last night. Nice big ol’ shindig before The Rapture.

I’ll say this, though: after it doesn’t happen, no one rub it in anyone’s faces. It’s an opportunity, perhaps, to nudge people toward rational thinking.


3 responses to “Wheeoooo!

  1. Oh, c’mon! I plan on telling people how I was stuck on the ceiling inside my house when 6:00 rolled around. Then I’ll get a horrified look on my face, point at them and scream, “Unclean, unchosen heathen!”

    Janiece at Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men makes a good point about the true believers who seemed to be taking great relish in the idea that they were going to rise to heaven and finally be vindicated, watching while the rest of us were sucked into the bowels of hell. I’m paraphrasing here, but her response was along the lines of: wow, how very Christian of you.

  2. Frito Baggins

     Well, it is 6:30 pm in Paris and I just checked out the Eiffel Tower webcam.  Looks like the world is carrying on, French heatherns and all.

  3. You know, I’m thinking the reason why Christians in the rest of the world haven’t floated up to Zombie Jesus right now is… they’re not *American* Christians.  See, it’s only American Christians that’ll be Raptured tonight.  Cause, they’re the only True Christians left, don’cha know.

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