Ron Paul, as brilliant as ever, explaining why he disagrees with the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Paul insisted that the problem was government laws, no matter what they were:

“Segregation was created by government laws, slavery was created by government laws, segregation in the military by government laws, so what we want to do as libertarians is repeal all those laws, and honor and respect people with freedom and private choice.”

Yes. That’s right. Created by government laws. Prior to government laws there was no such thing as slavery or segregation. Everyone lived happily together in perfect harmony prior to the government forcing everyone to split up and enslave one another.


One response to “QotD

  1. Laws also changed all those things. Laws, for instance, REQUIRED integration of the races. 

    Of course I’m sure that Ryan thinks those are government abuses and that without them, everything would have turned out just fine.

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