Freshman GOP cry about Democrats being so mean

No matter how you slice it, the 2010 election was one of the meanest in quite a long time. More than the tirades against John Kerry in 2004 or against Bush in 2000, against Clinton in 1996 or even against the Democratic Congress in 1994. Last year tea party backed Republican candidates and groups took to Democrats like they were fighting against the Nazis themselves (and often used that imagery).

A large part of the 2010 victory could be attributed to the horrific amount of vile, reprehensible attacks that were nonstop laid against blue candidates. Easily swayed voters were led to believe that the Democrats were trying to kill our grandparents, amongst other less outrageous attacks. Which is why it’s all the more hilarious that now that they got into office, all the frosh GOP students are crying about how it’s time to “put the past behind us” and not be so mean now.

Led by Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), ten House Republican freshmen held a news conference outside the Capitol Wednesday morning at which they denounced Democrats for honing in on Medicare in an onslaught of attacks on their party.

“Look, I’m not going to defend anything done in the past, because I think that something we’re trying to do is not stand up here and say, ‘We were right in doing this, or we were wrong,’” Kinzinger said. “Well, let’s get past the past. Let’s move forward to the future and say, ‘Okay, today is today. We have a real problem.’ Let’s get past the entrenched politics and just move forward together. The president said he wanted to do that. Let’s just do it. Let’s all join hands and do this thing. … We’re not even having discussions at this point because it immediately turned into attacks.”

Honestly, shut the fuck up.

After years of watching these guys claim Democrats are trying to kill old people and give blowjobs to Al Qaeda, that we’re all fascist Nazi communists who hate America and want to wipe our asses with the Constitution and the Bible, and finally won elections thanks to those tactics, now they’re concerned about coming together and getting beyond personal attacks and mudslinging??

No. I don’t accept. Sorry, y’all. We know this isn’t the case at all. Republicans have never shied away from making ugly attacks, and as a general rule any time someone says “both of us said things we didn’t mean”, they’re actually saying “I was a jerk, but please don’t get mad at me for it.” I mean that politically and personally. The offender will always be the one pleading to let bygones be bygones and that we shouldn’t be pointing fingers because there’s blame to go all around. They’re eager to spread the blame around so it isn’t concentrated on their side of the bread.

So I repeat. Shutdafuckup. If anything, Democrats should redouble the attacks. Take them to task for wanting to dismantle Medicare (the main reason these guys are so scared about Democratic attacks). Make 2012 even more painful than 2008.



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