Obama pushing for immigration reform

And for once, I think we might be discussing actual, substantial reform.

Arizona Republican Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl, both of whom will play a pivotal role in passing any immigration legislation, have argued for specific benchmarks on border security before taking on more controversial aspects of reform, namely a pathway to citizenship for immigrants living illegally in the U.S. But a second senior administration official pushed back on the Senators’¬†ten-point border security plan for Arizona when talking with reporters.

The big difference between left and right is that the right is chiefly looking at keeping immigrants out. This is why amnesty is a controversial issue. If it was simply a matter of getting immigrants to pay taxes and contribute to the nation, amnesty would be a simple and elegant solution in that they’d be on our roster and an official part of the system.

No, it’s more a matter of xenophobia. Keep the Hispaniards and Latins out. Say the word “immigration reform” and a redcoat thinks “border security”. The two are equivalent. The underlying issues and causes aren’t given a second thought, because to McCain and Kyl’s ilk the entire issue centers around stopping anyone from crossing up into the USA and forcing our signs to be bilingual. Legal or not.


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