I just noticed.

I need to write about something aside from OBL and Al Qaeda.

In light of that, I present this hilarious story: Republicans fighting Barry-O on the disclosure of political contributions of contractors.

House GOP leaders and 19 other Republicans sent a letter to Obama Friday urging him not to issue the executive order, arguing it would introduce politics into the federal-government contracting practice and stifle political speech.

“This proposed EO seems like a blatant attempt to intimidate, and potentially silence certain speakers who are engaged in their constitutionally protected right to free speech,” the House Republicans wrote.

See, in the world of Republicans, contractors donating to candidates isn’t inserting politics into things, but making it transparent is. It’s sorta like now the New York Times were the assholes for blowing the lid off of the wiretapping story.

The problem is, as TPM notes, that up until last goddamn year they had to disclose their contributions, because what ends up happening is an undeniable system of purchasing elections. Contributions become less about supporting a candidate and more about pumping unlimited amount of capital into a campaign so that when said candidate gets into office, the contributor suddenly finds themselves the recipient of a cake-sweet contract. If the EO passes, we’d be able to see who’s buying themselves sweet contracting gigs from the government.

But, as usual, Republicans would rather protect the ability for people with shitloads of money to exercise “free speech” than have an open and fair election. Follow the money, guys. Follow the money.


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