No bin Laden death photos? Good.

It’d sate our morbid curiosity, but I’m perfectly fine with not actually seeing the corpse.

Anyone who honestly thinks the skeptics would be “convinced” after seeing the photos obviously hasn’t talked to any birthers.


2 responses to “No bin Laden death photos? Good.

  1. Frito Baggins

    Exactly. Fox News is already all over this, starting with Andrew Napolitano. Next up, Beck, Hannity.

  2. Honestly, I agree. People might complain, they might want his body given so that they can do their own little morbid tortures to the body, but you know what, that would make the US no different than the people they supposedly hate.

    After all, all those people beheaded, for example, and video taped in that beheading and have that put on air or made available for the public really ticked people off, right? Made a lot of US Citizens hate “Muslims” and extremeists even more?

    Think back to Saddam, his sons; if the US paraded out the video of the attack and Osama’s death, just what do people think it would do? Make more flock to his banner, more so now that he’s dead, and prove the US will gloat about anything and are “just like them.” They’re better off without.

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