I'll tell ya

Watching the right try to find ways to rip on Obama over the Osama story is really hilarious.


3 responses to “I'll tell ya

  1. I know, right?!!? It’s pathetic. The upside is that although I found it somewhat disturbing that people would celebrate and dance in the street over anyone’s death (yes, even bin Laden), I’m so giddy with glee over the Repbulican’s snitty, petulant, horror that Obama did what Bush couldn’t that I’m close to dancing in the street, tossing confetti, and singing catchy show tunes at the top of my lungs.

  2. I find it interesting that a lot of the right is saying bin Laden didn’t matter anymore, and his being dealt with does nothing for Obama.

    I don’t know, for me it shows Obama can at least a: keep his promises and b: can do what needs to be done and even c: under all that pressure, still look pretty cool when dealing with other things going on in his country.

    How any of the other possible Presidential choices could have pulled it off with no one even getting a whiff of it?

    • “under all that pressure, still look pretty cool…”

      I agree with all your points but especially this one. I believe it was just the day before this happened that he was roasting Thedonald at the WH Correspondent’s Dinner — cool as a cucumber.

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