Yet another thought

We’re at a point now where in the face of current neo-cons and Teabaggers, guys like Karl Rove are moderate voices of reason and videos of Reagan show him as doing what we’re asking Democrats to do.

Let that sink in.


3 responses to “Yet another thought

  1. I was drinking. While this was occurring I watched some of Obama’s old speeches. Knowing what I know now, versus the naivety I had then, I can say one thing…. He is a real shitty President. He really hasn’t done anything worth a damn. his health bill won’t work and his promise to get out of war might as well be followed by a fart noise…That being said, are there any Repubs, Dems, or Libs that can replace him? sadly….

    • Unfortunately I quit drinking years ago. I have a feeling politics would be a lot more manageable with a few beers in me, although I can’t even begin to imagine my rants if I was shitfaced when I typed them.

      That said, I agree. The Democrats need to start NOW prodding the base that elected them in ’08 to get back out and do it again in ’12. It will be no small task because so many of us are no longer naive enough to again buy the uplifting, fiery rhetoric. The really sad fact is nobody seems to have a game plan of any sort. I’d be happy if the administration even started pounding out a new slogan like:

      ~ We may be incompetent but at least we’re not evil.

      ~ Willing to admit you’re a coporate lackey, racist, hate gays and women, and only care about yourself? No? Then why the hell would you vote Republican?

      You know, something along those lines.

  2. I just want to know when we can start assuming malice, rather than stupidity.

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